Course of Allergology

The course of allergology was established by the order (№ 45 of 08.09.2011 years) Rector KazNMU them. SD Asfendiyarov.
The staff of the course consists of 2 doctors of sciences, five assistants, two laboratory assistants. The head of the course since its organization is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor — Ispaeva Janat Bahitovna.

Ispaeva Janat Bahitovna

Ispaeva Bahitovna Janat — MD, Professor, Chief freelance children’s allergist MH RK. Author of 150 publications, 10 methodical recommendations on major issues of allergy and a textbook on children’s allergy in the official language.
Holder of eleven international conference «Asthma and Allergies» with the participation of leading experts and abroad in the field of allergy with worldwide reputations.
Chief editor of five collections of abstracts of the international scientific-practical conference «Asthma and Allergies.»

Director and coordinator of the national scientific and practical programs for asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis (1999, 2004, 2005, 2007). Drawn up in accordance with international recommendations of GINA, ARIA, ICCAD.
Member of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) in 1997 — WAO (World Congress of allergological). A member of the State Certification Commission for the Designation of medical categories.

She was awarded the badge «Kazakstan Respublikasy densaulyқ saktau іsіnің үzdіgі.» Repeatedly awarded a diploma KazNMU them. SD Asfendiyarov KazNMU and a silver medal dedicated to the 80th anniversary.

In the course of allergy at the moment there are three clinical sites.

GCE "Urban children's polyclinic № 7" - is located at ul. S. Kaldayakov 74. is the main base of the course allergy.

Republican Children's Clinical Hospital "Aksai" - located at the village of Karasai District Tastybulak

SCE "City Clinical Hospital № 1" - located at MCR. Kalkaman-2 ul.Auezova 2.

On these bases with students 5, 6 courses. At clinical sites, our specialists experienced teachers, medical specialists Allergy higher, the first category, with extensive theoretical and practical experience in medical education: are also allergenic medical advice to patients. In the city allergotsentre (GDATS) at «GFC number 7» is medical advice throughout the urban child population in the clinical basis RCCH «Aksai» — medical care is provided to children and their parents to the Republican scale, based on allergootdeleniya «Clinical Hospital № 1» is Kalkaman medical assistance to the adult population of the city of Almaty.


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