Department of Clinical Anatomy and Operative Surgeons

Managing the chair of topographical anatomy and operative surgery in March, 1934 appoints private-senior lecturer Zyuganov A.N. and affirms the professor on chair. It possesses the big role of its organization and formation.

On development of chair, preparation of scientifically — pedagogical shots more influence professors Ragman Z.I. (1938-1944 of), Voznesenski Е (1944-1946 of, 1965-1984 of) have rendered also, Idrisov A.A. (since 1984 — year on present time).

Many years on chair worked highly skilled teachers, the most experienced врачи, senior lecturers Syrlybaeva M. N, Demin I.N., Klenov K.A., Vagapov A.V., Cossacks З.Х., Sarypbekov S.S., Myrzabekov M. M, Margunova N.G., Assistants, candidates of medical sciences of Krygin B.T., Uspenskaja T.V., Kim V. P, Ryskulbekov A.U.

Now the program on development of chair of clinical anatomy and operative surgery for improvement of quality of teaching includes introduction of innovative technologies in educational process, preparation of highly skilled scientific and pedagogical shots, perfection of system of training.

The computer interactive class with electronic training programs on clinical anatomy where on a local network are connected to a server of 8 computers works. Individual examination of the student in the form of testing is spent. On a server multimedia programs are collected necessary in the course of teaching of clinical anatomy and operative surgery. Students can look through films about operative interventions, various electronic books on subjects, interactive atlases, etc. There is an electronic variant of a management «Operative surgery» under edition Littman  of I. Elektronnaja the program allows is associative to connect and improve storing of the necessary information. A series of editions « Abdomen endoscopy surgery» has educational character. Its main advantage — reflexion of a problem endoxirurgyi interventions on blarney  a path and a pancreas. Also sketches on normal and topographical anatomy, histology of a liver, a bilious bubble, bilious channels, a pancreas are included. The technics typical endoscope interventions is stated at diagnostics of diseases and a pathology of a stomach, a duodenal gut, a spleen and adrenal glands. The technics endoxirurgyi with schemes, illustrations, pictures and with sound comments of video fragments is presented.

The interactive atlas anatomist and illustrations of Franc allows to study anatomy, both on practical employment, and in the course of self-preparation for a seminar.

On hand student — equipped with TVs and DVD-players classes where are shown modern classical and эндоскопические online interventions; a videos hop with training films.

The appreciation is given at visiting of chair by the Honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation, a member of Presidium SORAMN, the director of institute limnology СОРАМН, academician Borodin J.I. in the book of guests of honors: «Should express sincere admiration organization works, a magnificent museum, the modern technical and medical equipment, to anatomic institute in Europe and America».

Employees of chair under the guidance of professor Idrisov A.A., the president of association morphology Kazakhstan, spend I, II, III And IV, V Republican scientific conferences with participation of experts from the different countries. For last 10 years employees of chair publish monographies: «Makro — микроциркуляторное a channel of bodies of a stomach in conditions регионарной intraarterial and system chemotherapy» (Idrisov A.A.);

Professor to Acres Idrisov » (Azerbaev Of this year, Idrisov A.A.); «Lymphatic system at a chromic intoxication» (Umbetov T.Z., Idrisov A.A., Adajbaev T.A.). Are published more than 20 scientific and uchebno — methodical grants, the textbook — the atlas « Clinic anatomy» recommended to students of medical HIGH SCHOOLS; under radiances professors Idrisov A.A. are published three volumes of the atlas « Anatomist » Professor Idrisov A.A. is the editor of 25 releases of the republican collection of scientific works «Questions of morphology and clinic».

Employees of chair repeatedly acted with scientific program reports on the congresses, conferences, simfozyum and congresses Kazakhstan,, the CIS countries and the far abroad (the USA, Turkey, India, the African countries, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan).

ON chair are prepared and protected 10 doctor’s and more than 40 master’s theses, it is published over 2000 scientific works, it is received 14 patents and copyright certificates on the invention.

Since 2010 quarterly international scientifically — practical magazine «Morphology and demonstrative medicine» which editor-in-chief is Professor Idrisov A.A. is published