Department of Oncology

The chair of a roentgenology and radiology was formed in 1953. The chair of oncology was created in 1972.  The course of mammology   organized on chair of oncology   since 1995. The chair includes the following disciplines: oncology, mammology and beam therapy. The chair carry outs studies   students 2, 3, 4, 5 courses of medical, general medical faculties, and a  doctor  intern  (surgeons, gynecologists,VOP),  resident- oncologists (gynecologists,  VOP, ophthalmologists, urologists) have trained.

Purpose and task of activity of chair. PPS of chair of oncology, a mammology and beam therapy conducts  the policy with  directed on improvement of all kinds of activity, in the following directions:

  • are teaching of oncology, mammology and beam therapy to students 2, 3, 4, 5 courses of medical, general  medical faculties, to doctors of  interns  surgeons, VOP, gynecologists; are preparation of residents in «Oncology»;
  • performance of research work on a subject: «Introduction of new methods of prevention and diagnostics of oncological diseases»;
  • are carrying out political-education work among supervised groups;
  • are rendering of the medical and advisory help by the staff of chair.

Structure, management,  accountability, information on operating states.

The chair includes disciplines: oncology, mammology and beam therapy. The head of the department – professor Kaydarov B. K.  Since  2011-2012 academic years  the chair have  a following  staff:  7 professors (B.K.Kaydarov, A.E.Esenkulov, B.V.Monakhov, S.I.Igisinov, S.S.Sadykov, S.A.Esenkulova, A.A.Khozhayev), 3 assistants of professors (S.D.Tazhibayev, U.K.Zhumashev, A.K.Dzhakipbayeva), 4 assistants (к.м.s. T.T.Sadykova, Zh.A.Amangaliyev, N.A.Amanbekov, A.B.Kaydarova), 1 trainee-teacher (G.A.Afonin); part-time workers: 2 doctors of medical science (D.R.Kaydarova – the chief physician of a goronkodispanser, N.T.Baltabekov – the deputy director in the Kazakh Research institute of Oncology and Radiology), N.A.Baltayev – the deputy chief physician of the goronkodispanser; a senior laboratory assistants Filimonova N. P, laboratory assistant Spatayeva L.R., Uteuliyeva D., part-time laboratory assistants: Gomonova L.V., Sambetova D.

Clinical bases and quantity of educational rooms – Clinical bases are – the Kazakh Research institute of oncology and radiology, Almaty city and regional onkodispanser. The  chair of oncology,  mammology and beam therapy  carries out  research works, the chair works on a subject of an high school grant. And also there are protected 3 doctor’s  (Esenkulova S. A., Hozhayev A.A., Baltabekov N. T.) and 1 candidate (Sadykova T.T.) dissertations for 5 year; for  the last 5 years the staff of chair published  7 textbooks, 3 monographs, 3 educational  benefits, 2 educational and methodical benefits, 2 methodical  recommendations; the scientific  group  of  student’s  works  actively, the  students from the scientific  group  have published articles in the  collection of student’s works (Aktobe), the faculty of chair acts on television, radio in the programs devoted to health of the population, actively take part in the stock «Welcome day» at the City oncological clinic; clinical work  carries out actively: operations, consultations, exams of patients;  the staff of chair  with  collaboration ЗОЖ conduct  talks and lectures to students, teachers, the staff of schools, colleges, higher education institutions, establishments of Almaty for the purpose of prevention of tumors regularly.

Department chair, professor                                                                    Kaydarov B. K.