Therapeutic faculty

The faculty was founded in 1931. It is the oldest faculty, the leader of country high medical schools. From the first years of the faculty foundation the pleiad of the first highly qualified, highly cultured teachers with moral and ethnic principles made a valuable contribution to the university activity. The faculty realizes the training of highly qualified competitive specialists at 25 clinical faculties on the following specialities: surgery, therapy, obstetrics and gynecology.

The faculty activity is aimed at the unity of education, science and clinical work. On the base of interdiscipline and competent approach the programme structure, polyvalent education, harmonization and internalization of higher medical education, stimulating student’s clinical thinking are carried out at the therapeutic faculty. The therapeutic faculty takes the first place among faculties of the university and it is an owner of Crystal cup “Uzdik fakultetke” and certificate “Uzdik fakultet”. After graduating from the faculty the students are given a diploma on “General Medicine” specialty with qualification “Physician”.

Nowadays, the department carries out a great organizational work on introducing SCSE at clinical chairs, developing continuous medical education on basic trends and catalogue of elective courses.