Department of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology

For the first time an independent course of tuberculosis was organized in 1935 (Order № 109 of October 23, 1935) and «as an exemplary teacher and a researcher for the post of Lecturer was nominated Baigurin Alzhan Mahmudovich.

He had a good command of the literary and scientific Kazakh and Russian, and was published in two languages. Education and highly regarded performance of the young scientist highly valued in the medical school, but in 1938 he was arrested and died.  He fully rehabilitated in 1956.

Tuberculosis  Department of the Kazakh National Medical University was organized November 12, 1941 by order of the Committee on Higher Education SNK on November 4, 1941 № 137.

The first chair was Professor MR.Borok who evacuated during World War II from Leningrad, Associate Professor — SE.Nezlin, assistants —   EA Trailix and ME.Morozov   In later years the department was headed by:

  • Distinguished Physician and Honored Scientist Prof. RK Vasily Zyuzin (1943-1964),
  • Associate Professor Adiken Nurkeevich Khasenov (1964 — 1975),
  • Academician and Vice President of the Academy of Natural Sciences of RK, Professor Kuanysh Mubarakovich Maskeev (1975-1996),
  • Academician of Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences, Hamburg Academy of Medicine and Prevention, the Polish Academy of Medicine, president of the Association of Kazakhstan phthisiologists Professor Talgat Ashirovich Muminov (1996-2002),
  • since 2002 — MD, Professor Rakisheva  Anar Saduakasovna.

Currently, the department has: Head — Professor A. Rakisheva, Academician T. Muminov, Honored Scientist Prof. RK KM Maskeev; MD, NA Beysebaev; Accusative Professors: BS Dyusenbekov, NS Syzdykova, BT. Kumisbaeva, SS.Salimova, LSh.Kasenova, FA Iskakova, AG Isayeva; assistants — candidate of medical sciences: VV Shatskikh, CH T. Nurkabaev, GU.Esetova, GS Erkenova, UT Makulbaeva; assistants: GA Auelbekova, SK Zhumabayeva, JM Dautova, N.R.Seythanova; trainees- teachers Y Kostyukevich,  GD Algazieva; residents  AJ Abubakirov, GD Ryskulov; Senior Assistant AH Ishingalieva, Assistant G.Bayzhanova.

They are active in teaching and educational process, and also in the international scientific life, make presentations and communications at international congresses and symposia, published in foreign journals.

The training process are used active learning methods, such as small group work, the method of «round table», «brainstorming», an analysis of a critical situation.

To increase the effectiveness of the educational process is applied teaching computer science — the using of new capabilities of information technology such as electronic books — «International standards of diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis,» clinical and radiographic atlas Muminov T. «Pulmonary tuberculosis and its differential diagnosis,» videos, some of which are established teachers of the department, «Tutorial radiographs demonstrating various clinical forms of tuberculosis on a compact disk CD», «Prevention of Tuberculosis in Children», «Microscopy of acid-fast bacilli», «Asthma — global strategy. «»COPD — diagnosis and treatment», «Thoracoscopy — diagnosis and treatment,» which improves the absorption of practical skills, improves the quality and level of knowledge.

All members of the department were trained on «Innovative Technologies in Medical Education» for «evidence-based medicine», «Computer Literacy». The Department is also involved in postgraduate professional development of physicians on Phthisiology, training medical interns GPs, internists, pediatricians and residents.

Research-Scientific work at the department is hold in different areas of theoretical and practical Phthisiology. The department performs NTP MOH RK “Development of measures for the prevention of tuberculosis with different types of drug resistance» together with the National Center of Tuberculosis Problems. Research –Scientific work performed by the grant of the First President of RK «Students — at risk of tuberculosis.»

Scientific advances implemented in the city, region and different regions of Kazakhstan.

Over the last year received 2 patents for inventions and published two articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Educational and clinical bases of Phthisiopulmonology Department are: National Centre of Problems Tuberculosis and AOA RK MSD Railway Hospital.

As part of the documentary days, the department has recently conducted the following conferences:

  • Devoted to the 80th anniversary of Professor KM Maskeev (14/02/12)
  • Dedicated to the memory of Professor Joffe L.TS. (03/30/12)
  • scientific student conference devoted on the 130th anniversary of the opening of the causative agent of tuberculosis (29/03/12)
  • Patriotic student conference on the Afghan soldiers (2/17/12).

Department staff prepared a course of six grade students and conducted a conference with them in other universities of the Almaty city in issues on the detection and prevention of tuberculosis (KazNTU. KI Satpayev (04/12/12) KazNEU named Abaya (11/04/12) KazFEU (21.04. 12)

The main objectives of the department were and still are — improving the educational process by optimizing and intensifying training methods, the development and introduction of efficient methods for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis and nonspecific lung diseases, as well as training of the research -teaching staff.