Department of Surgical Diseases No. 3

Deportment was established in 1954 on a faculty department`s of surgery sanitary gigienic and pediatric specialties. Since 2004 the surgery department chares by Professor Ibadildin A.S.

The field of study projects witch this department  maintains is immensely wide. There are a science projects development as well it includes cardiovascular   surgery, portal vein hypertension and acute abdomen. On this base was created a school of surgeries.  Now days the  surgery department of surgical diseases keep th3s traditions levant to rapidly changing progress in   science and surgical practice.  Today the amount of teachers counts people among them: doctors of medical science -4, medical science candidates 6.

Our doctors professors and assistants are proudly representing Kazakh Medical University on surgical Congresses, and practical Conferences. In the year 2009 our  University organized a meeting called on which were represented a mater3al for The day of KazNMU Conference on the problems of  “Peritonitis”. Our deportment Took a pert in “vise world Congresses of surgeon’s – Hepatologis “.  Among the practice and teaching woks we on publishing issues realizing our science potential  in order to create new doctors recourses  teachers.